All the 2012 Puppies below are sold - picture and information are for reference only
The Boys
#1 Danny:

   A black male with the build of an Englishman ,with the hair of a true Frenchman.  Possible phanton coloration to come out as he gets older. No shedding.  Video link  to Danny and Leonard. You can get a better idea of there personalities here.

#2 Skipper:

   A golden male built like an Englishman, lots of substance, but curly no shed French coat
  #3 Lenard:

   A black male , growing fast .His coat is wavy , and shiny loads of substance in bone, rolls over on his back and falls asleep in my hands. Video link  to Leonard and Danny. You can get a better idea of there personalities here.
  #4 Sheldon:

   A golden male, He has white paws ,full white chest and white on is muzzle and forehead. He is beautiful blend on both worlds, His coat is wavy, what a love.
            The Girls
 #5 Laura:

   A beautiful shiny black female. She getting bigger by the day. She has a wavy coat and loves to have her nose kissed. The blend of French and English is perfect.
 #6 Ava:

   A black female. Her markings are faint and could go black. She is a flirty French girl with plenty of bone and curls to die for. I can't believe how fast she is filling out.
 #7 Keely:

   A black female with a curly French no shed coat. I expect her to be pick puppy as her looks are stunning. Her personality is spunky and she makes me laugh. She has a white chin.
  #8 Hadlee Grace:

   Is cream almost white. She is stunning with the substance of the English, a square muzzle and skull, lot of bone. Her coat is wavy to curly, I have a hard time not calling her pick, time will tell.
Please note: Black noses are something that comes later on lighter coats. Wait until you see them in another week.