GarLyn Zoo in Michigan's Beautiful Upper Peninsula


 Grey or Timber Wolves  at GarLyn ZooZiggy Pup one of the 3 Wolves at GarLyn Zoo Grey or Timber Wolves  at GarLyn Zoo

Ozzy and Kid Rocket in the back two of the 3 Wolves at GarLyn Zoo  Ozzy , Kid Rocket, and Ziggy Pup the 3 Wolves at GarLyn Zoo  Ozzy , Kid Rocket, and Ziggy Pup the 3 young Wolves at GarLyn Zoo

GarLyn Zoological Park has 3 new wolves housed in a large natural enclosure. These are all litter mates and will be together for life. We raised the wolves in a kennel off the side of our house for the first couple of months to get them accustom to us as new owners and pack leaders. Within the first couple of weeks of being placed in the large enclosure they started digging in the old dens and in the sand we have here in Michigan's Upper Peninsula it wasn't long before they had a den 15 to 20 feet long and about 2 feet in diameter and just the way they wanted it. They seem to be content with it now. We try to feed our wolves as much natural meat as possible by getting some road killed whitetail deer and snowshoe hare. We also get meat scraps from the local shops along with high protein, meat based dog food and a freeze dried product made for carnivores.


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