Javelina or Peccary at

GarLyn Zoo Wildlife Park

Peccary or Javelina   Peccary or Javelina at GarLyn Zoo  Collared Peccary at GarLyn Zoo


    New for 2017 is a pair of Javelina (Have-a-lean-a) or Peccary. We have a male 2 years old and a female about a year old. These look similar to pigs but are not related. A peccary is a medium-size d hoofed mammal reaching the size of about 60-80 pounds. Generally calm animals they can be quite fierce if they feel threatened or cornered. They can be found in the deserts of southeast Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, southward through Mexico and Central America and into northern Argentina.


Javelina at GarLyn Zoo   Peccary or Javelina and babies   Peccary or Javelina babies at GarLyn Zoo


Javelina are classified as herbivores. They eat a variety of native plant foods such as agave, mesquite beans, and prickly pear, as well as roots, tubers, and other green vegetation. They will, if the opportunity presents itself, also eat lizards, dead birds and rodents. Here at GarLyn Zoo we feed them good 2nd cutting hay, silage hay, sweet feed, carrots, sweet potatoes, apples and dog food. They will eat almost any type of fruit or vegetable given to them.

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