North American Bobcat at

GarLyn Zoo Wildlife Park


Jac's Male Bobcat at GarLyn Zoo   Bobcat Kitten at GarLyn Zoo   Female Bobcat at GarLyn Zoo


 Baby Bobcat at GarLyn Zoo    Baby Bobcat at GarLyn Zoo


     We have 2 Bobcat here at GarLyn Zoological Park. They are now about 17 years old and slowing down. Jac is the male pictured above and he is very friendly. The female is a little shy but loves children and woman. They are being fed canned cat food and chicken quarters along with an occasional squirrel or snowshoe hare. Bobcat grow to 25 to 40 pounds and feed on small mammals and birds in the wild. They are found native in the upper half of Michigan's Lower Peninsula and all across the Upper Peninsula.



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