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Survey Results

How will gas prices effect your vacation plans?

No Changes
Making shorter trips closer to home this year
Staying home this year
Cutting down the overall lenght of the vacation

At what price will gas start to effect your vacation plans?

Above $5.00

How many times a year do you go on a vacation longer than just a weekend?

More than 6 times
5 or 6 times
3 or 4 times
A couple times
Once a year

Have you ever been to GarLyn Zoo?


If you have visited GarLyn Zoo, how was your experience?

Great we loved it
Pretty Good
It was O.K.
Didn't really like

If you have never been to GarLyn Zoo, Why Not ?

Never had time to stop
Always after hours when we go by
Don't think we would like it without the kids with us
To far to drive

Which of the following do you use most when choosing where to stop on a trip or vacation?

TV commercials
Billboard Advertising
Chamber of commerce
Just driving by
Word of mouth (a friend or colleague told you)
Magazine article or ad

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Survey Results











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