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GarLyn Zoo is the Largest Zoo in the Eastern Upper Peninsula.

The Zoo is home to hundreds of native North American animals including, alligator, black bear, wolves, bobcat, whitetail deer, cougar, river otter, porcupine, bison, also exotic animals from around the world, siberian tigers, patagonian cavy, ring-tailed lemur, camel, reindeer, sika deer, sulcata tortoise just to name a few.
Started in 1994 on US-2 in Michigan's beautiful Upper Peninsula. Just 6 miles east of Naubinway, only 40 minutes west of the Mackinac Bridge. The zoo is a small intimate family run zoo nestled in the mature pine forests on the northern shores of Lake Michigan. We offer a child friendly atmosphere and people friendly animals. You will enjoy the natural wooded appeal of mature pine trees and cedar mulched trails. You will see, learn about and enjoy animals from all over the world. Stop at GarLyn Zoo and take a walk on the wild side, enjoy live animals up close.

We are in the process of building a new tiger enclosure.
You can help us with just a small donation.
The link below will show you more about the project

Even a small donations go a long way       

---  New in 2014  --- 

Millie -  Syrian Brown Bear

Syrian Brown Bear




When you're in the zoo this summer look for these QR Code sign throughout the zoo. Use your smart phone and a QR code reader app to take a picture of the codes and learn interesting facts about the animals.


  Wolf Eyes

 Animals at GarLyn Zoo include:

• Alligator
• Bobcat
• Black Bear
• Tiger
• River Otter
• Wolves
• Porcupine
• Camel
• Ring-tailed Lemur
• Patagonian Cavy
• Tortoise
• Reindeer
and many many more!       

 Wolf Eyes

Enjoy the Feeding Fun:

Children, heck everyone will enjoy feeding the deer, goats and llama. You can even feed Fuzzy the black bear, but be sure to count your fingers afterwards. No! Just kidding, apples for the bear are rolled down a tube from a safe distance.



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