GarLyn Zoo Wildlife Park


Planning Your Visit



You should plan on spending between and hour and an hour and a half for your visit. Many people spend more time enjoying their favorite animals. You are welcome to spend as long as you like. Feed can be purchased in the gift shop to feed many of the animals including Sika Deer, Whitetail Deer, Goats, Alpaca and more. Apples can also be purchased to feed the two Grizzly Bears Millie and Hutch.
 Feeding Peacock at GarLyn Zoo

Hands Free hand sanitizer units are provided just before entering the gift shop and tropical building and just outside the gift shop returnig from the zoo. Please be sure to wash your hands after feeding or petting the animals.
 Port-a-Jon A two stall vault toilet and hand wash area are located just outside the gift shop just before entering the zoo. There also is a nice modern rest area only 3 minutes west of the zoo. This makes it convenient and easy for you to take advantage of before or just after stopping at the zoo.  Rest area 3 miles west of GarLyn Zoo on US2
Naubinway Rest Area
We have added a 24ft x 24ft covered pavilion in 2019. You can enjoy a lunch you brought or just rest waiting for someone still in the zoo. It has 6 picnic tables on a cement pad.
Throughout the season we have different food vendors on weekends.
Call to check if one will be here on visit.
 Map of Garlyn Zoo

 Map of Garlyn Zoo
Map of GarLyn Zoo

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There is always someone around to help answer any questions you may have. From animal related questions to locating a good restaurant in the area or directions to one of the many other tourist attractions. If for some reason you can not locate someone out in the zoo you can always inquire at the cashier in the gift shop and they will answer your questions or locate someone for you that can.

We are located in the woods in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and therefore we experience Mosquitos at certain times of the year. Mainly towards the end of May and first half of June so remember to use some insect repellant. We sell Bug Bar in the gift shop. This is an all natural replant and our staff love it. It smells good and works! Once in the zoo we have cedar mulched trails and this greatly reduces the problem.  Mosquito Crossing