Coyote at GarLyn Zoo



Two coyote at GarLyn Zoo

     We have two coyote at GarLyn Zoo Wildlife Park. Both the female and the male were rescued but at several years a part. In past years we have bred coyote and even managed to send one to a zoo in Japan. Coyote are a naturally shy animal. I find coyote to be more dog like than I thought they were. I no longer think of coyote as just a varmint animal. Although the ones that come in at night after the birds don't rate very high on my list. Our coyotes are fed a high protein meat base dog food, chicken, and small mammals when available. Coyote do produce a powerful musk smell in their urine as do fox, but much stronger than that of fox. Similar to skunk spray in smell but not quite as strong and is only present in the immediate area.


Two year old female coyote at GarLyn Zoo in Michigan's Upper Peninsula


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