Rint-tailed Lemurs at

GarLyn Zoo Wildlife Park

     Ring-tailed Lemur are considered "primitive" primates, having a smoother brain and a wet, bare nose pad. Lemurids developed in isolation from monkeys, and without real predators, on the large island of Madagascar. They are mainly active during the daylight hours and really enjoy sunbathing. They will set with arms spread soaking up the sun.


 Ring-tail Lemur at GarLyn Zoo


     We have 7 Ring-tailed Lemur here at GarLyn zoo. Ringo, Bindi, Poncho, Mimzi, Ricki Bobbie, Lenni and Topher. Our male named Ringo was purchased in May of 2006 and a one year old female named Bindi was acquired a around the same time as Steve Irwins (the crocodile hunter) untimely death and so we named her after Steve Irwins daughter Bindi. She is a mother raise baby but has become quite tame and enjoys sitting on my shoulder and arm while taking grapes from my hand. Ringo is not as brave but does enjoy taking food from my hands and will pry my fingers open to find the grapes or other treat. There are around a thousand or more Ring-tailed Lemur in US zoos and many more in smaller private zoos like ours. Many zoos are no longer breeding them because although they are endangered due to habitat loss, this also means there is no place to reintroduce them. At this time there is a stable population in Madagascar. I call Bindi our "jumpy monkey" as she is so full of energy that she never sits still and jumps from branch to branch to my head and back to a branch like crazy. This may be a result of the fact that females are the leader of the troops and more assertive. Troops or groups of Lemur can have up to 25 or 30 members and the females control and lead them. Ringo on the other hand is quiet and laid back. A real mellow fellow.


 Ring-tail Lemur at GarLyn Zoo Ring-tail Lemur at GarLyn Zoo


     Endangered due to habitat destruction, at least 14 lemur species have become extinct, including a giant the size of an orangutan. There is little direct persecution, however, because of the native taboo on killing one.

This is a picture of twin lemur born in 2017 and a look at the lemurs inside of the tropical building for the winter.

 Twin Lemur at GarLyn Zoo Ring-tail Lemur inside for the winter months at GarLyn Zoo



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