Pheasants and Peacocks at

GarLyn Zoo Wildlife Park

You will see many varieties of pheasants like, Golden Pheasants from China, Blue Eared Pheasants from areas around Manchuria, Impeyan from the Himalayan Mountain areas and more. Peafowl from India roam around freely on the grounds. You may get a close-up photo of a peacock fanning his tail in a breeding display to impress the lady peacocks (peahens).


 Chineese red golden pheasant at GarLyn Zoo   Silver Pheasant at GarLyn Zoo   Lady Amherst pheasant pheasant at GarLyn Zoo


 Teminick Tragopan pheasant at GarLyn Zoo   tragopan at GarLyn Zoo   Reeves pheasant at GarLyn Zoo


  Himalayan monal, also known as the Impeyan monal and Impeyan pheasant at GarLyn Zoo    blue-eared-pheasant at GarLyn Zoo


 Peacock at GarLyn Zoo   Peafowl at GarLyn Zoo   Feedig Peacocks at GarLyn Zoo


Peacocks are everywhere at the zoo. Both the Indian Blue pictured above and pure white ones. They are allowed to roam free and also nest and raise their own young. They are quite tame and some will eat from your hand.


There are dozens of different pheasant species and many of them are inexpensive and easy to raise. Raising them is a great way for young people to get a feel for nature and build a love for the animals. I personally started raising pheasants and peafowl when I was in high school and still find them one of my favorite animals to watch and enjoy.


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