North American River Otter at

 GarLyn Zoo Wildlife Park

 North American River Otter at GarLyn Zoo    North American River Otter at GarLyn Zoo


River otter at GarLyn Zoo    Otter at GarLyn Zoo 


 River otter in fresh straw at GarLyn Zoo


     GarLyn Zoological Park added a new pair of North American River Otter in the summer of 2016. The first otter we got lived about 18 years and were mischievous when they arrived. They are like giant ferrets. Into everything and tearing up whatever they can, just to see what's in it or behind it. The enclosure that was originally built for them ended up being just about totally rebuilt or "otter proofed" as I now refer to it. North American River Otter grow to about 3 feet long. A South American species grows much larger. Their main diet is a specialty feed made for mink. They also enjoy treats of dog food and an occasional frog or small fish. The enclosure is built with a glass tank in front, for viewing the otter while swimming as shown below. And boy do they love to swim. The female does backward rolls underwater, looping around and around and around until you get dizzy just watching her. But she loves it.



     River otter have to be one of my favorite animals. But watch your fingers, elbows or any other body part, this cute little mug bites!




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