Syrian Brown Bear (Grizzly) at

 GarLyn Zoo Wildlife Park

Syrian Brown Bear - the Smallest of the Grizzly Family


  Syrian BrownBear at GarLyn Zoo   Cougar, Puma, Panther or Mountain Lion at GarLyn Zoo

     Millie is pictured above at about 12 weeks old. She is cute and a bit sassy at this age. She will grow to be 600 or 700 hundred pounds. This is the smallest of the brown bears. The Kodiac is the largest.

     Hutch was aquire a year after Millie. Below are some pictures of hutch at about 3 to 4 years old. King the dog was Millies companion before we got Hutch and has stayed with the two Grizzly Bears for 5 years now. They all sleep together and play as members of one family.


Bearat GarLyn Zoo   Brown Bear at GarLyn Zoo   Syrian Brown Bear pond at GarLyn Zoo


Grizzly Bear at GarLyn Zoo   Bear at GarLyn Zoo   Dog and grizzly bear at GarLyn Zoo


Grizzly Bear at GarLyn Zoo   Hutch and King at GarLyn Zoo   Hutch and Millie at GarLyn Zoo

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