GarLyn Zoo Wildlife Park Wish List






We operate on a short summer tourism income for a full 12 months of animal care. We can always use your help. We know that many times people have stuff setting around that they no longer need or want anymore, but just haven't gotten rid of. Or maybe you would just like to help the animals by donating small items. Your help allows the zoo to rescue more animals and add new exhibits. So, here is our wish list.

We are always in need of the following items.



Husbandry (Animal Care)

Dog Kennels

● Crates and pet carriers


● Bird, reptile and small animal cages


● Aquariums


● Stainless steel buckets and food dishes


● Heating Pads


● Reptile heaters and hot rocks


● Scales for weighing food and animals


● Tupperware for food storage


● Walk in freezer


● High-powered microscope


● Any type of fencing and wire


● Security glass


● Security cameras and equipment


● Concrete and cement blocks


● Building supplies


● Rakes


● Shovels


● 30-gallon Garbage Bins (plastic)


● Rubbermaid Storage Bins with Lids


● Heat Lamps (to winterize outdoor animal exhibits)


● Red Heat Lamp Bulbs


● 3-way Hookups for Multiple Electrical Cords


● Extension Cords (all sizes)


● Electrical Tape and Duct Tape


● Blankets and Towels


● Bleach


● Laundry Detergent


● Hand Sanitizer


● Baby Wipes


● Cash Donations For: Animal Acquisition


● New Capture Nets


 ● Cargo Nets


● Gift Cards to Petco, ACE or Lowe’s


Animal Diets


● Fresh Fruits and vegetables
(no mold please ... must be eatable)

● Peanut Butter and Jelly


● Honey


● Raisins


●Cheerios, Fruit Loops, or Other Healthy Cereal

(for enrichment


● Blender


 Animal Enrichment


Wooden Kids Blocks (to make animal toys)


● Cash Donations For: Animal Toys


● Animal enrichment items from someone like :
(Sphere, TS Weeble, Jolly Balls 14" and larger, Feeder Tubes, Ultra Kong, Enrichment Tubes, etc.)

● If you have an item not listed above that you think we might be able to use, please call 906-477-1085 or email us at:



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